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Features We Offer Sellers & Buyers

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We have put a great amount of effort into ensuring that our Buyers and Sellers alike have a venue to list items and find the best deals on the internet. Sellers will find a simple, listing process, with the ability to upload photos with their listings. This site is packed full of features for our sellers and a world of buyers is literally at your fingertips.

Seller Features

Here is a list of some of the features that we offer sellers:

  • "100% Classified and Auction Website" 100% Free classified and Auction Website
  • "Store Front " Free Online Store, create your own store in mintues
  • "Online Live Support" if you have any question feel free to talk to us or chat online
  • "Online Chat Room" Online buyer and sellers now can chat in our free chat room.
  • "My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish... day or night.
  • "Listing" process is very simple to use. Our site guides you through each step of the process which only takes a minute or two before your listing is live on the site.
  • "My Active Listings" page allows you to view a list of your "Active Listings" on the site, as well as, edit those listings.
  • "My Expired Listings" page allows you to view listings that have recently expired on the site.
  • "Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with buyers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. Message system offers a "private" setting for you to keep your email private to other sellers and buyers on the site.
  • "Browse by thumbnails" feature allows for the first photo you upload to be displayed as a thumbnail image while visitors are browsing the site.
  • "Seller's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the listing display page for your potential buyers to view all of your other listings that are currently active on the site.
  • "Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows visitors to your listing to quickly send an listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system.
  • "Contact Seller" link is explicitly located on each listing page for your buyers to contact you directly with any questions they may have concerning your listing. The listing title and id is automatically included in the message that is sent for quick reference.
  • "Listing Extras" features allow you to add additional indicators to your listing to attract more attention from potential buyers while they are browsing the site.
  • "Attention Getters" feature allows sellers to draw special attention to their ads by selecting one of our attention getter images.
  • "Featured Listing" status gives your listing some additional exposure at the top of all browse listing pages.
  • "Better Placement" feature gives your listing priority (higher placement within table) over other listings within that same category.
  • "Bolding" feature bolds the text in your listing and changes the background color for additional attention.
  • Bulk Uploader : Now Realstate agents ,dealer and agent with alot of listing can upload 100-200 listing in 30 sec or less. Just complete your csv file and upload your listing.
  • Pedigree Listing:The Pedigree Tree Add On offers you the ability to collect pedigree information and display it in a common format within any of your classified ads or auctons. Generation levels can also be defined so the pedigree chart can suit your needs.

Buyer Features

Here is a list of some of the features that we offer buyers:

  • "My Account" pages allow you to edit your account settings any time you wish...day or night.
  • "Listing Favorites" allows you to keep a list of your "Listings to Watch". Add as many listings to your list as you wish and delete them any time within your personal account pages.
  • "Advanced Search" page allows you to narrow your search or expand your search to meet your exact specifications.
  • "Messaging System" gives you the ability to communicate with sellers directly from this site without having to open up your email client. If the seller replies to your message through the Message system, that message will be stored on this site for you to retrieve later.
  • "Seller's Other Listings" link is conveniently located on the ad display page for you to view all of a particular seller's listings that are currently active on the site.
  • "Tell-a-Friend" link on each listing display page allows you to quickly send an listing's details to a friend using the site's messaging system. No need for email!
  • "Browse by thumbnails" allows you to browse the site previewing thumbnail images of listings without having to first click through to the listing details page.
  • "Contact Seller" link is easily located on each listing page for you to contact the seller directly with any questions you may have concerning their listing. The listing id is automatically included in the message that is sent.
BuySellAuctionOnline`s Special Features

  •  Anonymous Listing Add OnAnonymous Listing Add On   

The A nonymous Lis ting Add On offers you the ability to allow for classified ad placements on your site without requiring the seller to first sign in, or even register at all for that matter.

Placing an Anonymous Listing
If a seller is logged in, the normal sell process “overrides” the anonymous listing processes. A logged in user cannot post a classified anonymously, nor can they edit an existing classified posted anonymously (without first logging out).

If a logged-out user chooses the create a new Classified option, the listing process will ensue as normal, with an added step towards the end. After entering the details and images for the listing, the seller is presented with a separate page showcasing a password generated by the system specifically for that listing. The seller must record that password for use in identifying himself to edit the listing later (it will also be emailed to the seller, if they provided an email address during the listing process). The seller then clicks a Continue to Checkout link and proceeds with payment/checkout as normal.

Editing an Anonymous Listing
Once an anonymous ad has been placed and approved and appears on the site, the seller (who has the password mentioned above) may edit it by clicking on the Edit button next to the listing on a browse page, at which point they will be prompted for the password. Correctly entering the password will enable him to step through the Edit Listing process as normal for that listing.

Controlling Pricing of Anonymous Listings
In order to enable pricing control, the Anonymous Listing addon creates a “user” named "Anonymous" and makes use of that user “behind the scenes” to post all anonymous listings. Logging in to the site as the Anonymous user is not possible – it exists only to provide options for specific anonymous listings from within the Admin. Since all anonymous listings are attached to that user, the site admin may assign that Anonymous user to a User Group / Price Plan in order to set the prices of listings placed anonymously. This “user” is identified in Admin controls by the name “Anonymous.”

  • Multi-Tiered Pedigree Classifieds and Auctions... Multi-Tiered Pedigree Classifieds

The Pedigree Tree Add On offers you the ability for your sellers to enter pedigree information which is then displayed in a common, easy to understand, format for potential buyers. You can allow for as many generation levels as you want.

This Add On is ideal for equine, dog, puppy, cat, livestock related classified and/or auction sites, as well as, sites that make use of a pedigree format tree.

Another great feature is that the data that your sellers enter will automatically become searchable on the site's search page. In fact, additional pedigree fields are automatically added to the search page when the pedigree addon is in use on your site. So, if your buyer knows the name of the horse, etc. they are searching for, they can enter that name into a search and pull up all of the matching results on your site.


  • Bulk Uploader Add On  Bulk uploader


Populate Your Site Quickly and Easily...

The Bulk Uploader Add On allows you, as the site administrator, to upload mass quantities of classified ads or auctions on a category by category basis for each user in your GeoProducts database. All your client needs to do is send you an excel spreadsheet (or .csv document) of their inventory. You then save this document as a .csv file in preparation for the upload.

Once installed, the Bulk Uploader has its own series of admin pages which walk you through the upload process in an easy to follow, step-by-step format. If you make a mistake with the upload, or simply need to cancel and reupload a new spreadsheet every couple of days, no problem. The bulk uploader maintains a history of recent uploads and allows you to simply "undo" an upload. All classified or auctions created by that upload are automatically removed from your site.

Bulk Uploader Advantages
The Bulk Uploader Add On is a great way for you to populate your site quickly if you have sellers with many items to post.

  • Select a user for uploading
  • Select a listing type (Classified Ads or Auctions) >> certain fields pre-populate depending upon your selection.
  • Specify the document's delimeter and encapsulation.
  • Ability to pre-define field entries.
  • View the spreadsheet of items directly in your browser.
  • Select the Field Type for each column of the spreadsheet by selecting from pre-valued dropdown boxes.
  • Ability to dynamically create a Title for each item.
  • Specify General Fields, Optional Site Wide Fields, Category Specific Fields, URL references, Photos, etc.

Recommended Uses
There are many reasons why our customers choose to use the Bulk Uploader Add On. Here are just a few:

  • Realty agents can upload MLS data for property classifieds. The bulk uploader's "undo" feature allows you to "undo" a previous upload and then re-upload a new spreadsheet of data. This is especially important since MLS data changes on a frequent basis.
  • Automobile site owners can upload each dealer's inventory quickly and accurately. The dealer can then log in and remove their inventory as it is sold. Or, they can have the site administrator "undo" a previous inventory upload and then re-upload an updated inventory spreadsheet.
  • Any upload type that requires 10, 100, 1000 or more classified ad or auction entries
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