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Welcome to www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com worlds first and biggest free classified and auction website where you can post your classified and auction listing for free. We will gives you tips how you can sell your item in short time. You can also send us email or post your question on our support forum. We will be happy to add topic of your interest on the support forum. Here is tips about different items.We will delete any Membership and listing have the fake registration. We need your help to keep this website junk and spam free.

Automotive: When you plan to sell New or used car, Van, Truck, Suv, 4x4 Vehicles and ATV .First Clean up and get detailed if possible. Please make sure you have very good pictures to post, do not hesitate to post inside and out side picture on this free classified website. Posting Pictures on your classified advertisement items will increase chances to sell. Give all the detail possible. When you receive  Communication from the Buyer and setup the time to show your vehicle. Do not show dirty vehicle to Buyer. if your car is old is only good for used part please say so in the description.

Pets :When you plan to buy dog or plan to buy cat make sure you have very good idea what you looking for. Check out listing for the local dog breeders or cat breeders. Feel free to post your ads in pets if you looking for certain dog or cat either it is black cat or white Cat. We you plan to sell make sure you have good pictures to post on the website and give all the information to the buyers.


How do I place an ad?

You will first need to register to our website www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com. Registration is FREE.
We advise you to keep your id and Password at safe location how ever if you lost your password you can request from the admin. Please do not share your id password with others members or friends.
Once registered, you can login and select 'new listing' from your 'MY ACCOUNT' user menu. If you have any promotional code from the admin the type the code or just click no code .You will then arrive at the 'CHOOSE LISTING TYPE PAGE' where you will choose the listing type, either selecting the 'classified or auction format'. The classified ad format will ask you to provide details such as:

  • A title for the ad
  • A price for the item you wish to sell in Canadian  Dollars unless mentioned USD
  • Some optional questions to allow you to better describe your ad
The auction ad format will ask you to provide additional details from the classified ad format such as:
  • Type of auction, either standard or Dutch
  • Minimum Starting Bid
  • Reserve Price
  • Buy Now Price
Every auction on www.BuySellAuctionOnline.comwill either be a "standard auction" or a "Dutch auction".

When the seller only has one item to list in the auction, it will be a "standard auction". Typically, when the seller has two or more of an identical item, it will be a 'Dutch auction'. Top

See About Auctions for further information about auctions.

You will then be taken to the 'CHOOSE A CATEGORY PAGE' where you will be asked to 'Please choose the main category that your listing will appear in'.

Select a category for your listing to be placed in. Selecting the most appropriate category for your listing will help prospective buyers find your listing more easily. If the category you choose has subcategories, you will then be asked to select the most appropriate subcategory as well. You then fill in the 'LISTING DETAILS PAGE'. You will notice that the 'email', 'suburb' and 'postcode' fields will have already been supplied from your personal information in your registration details 'My Account' page.

In the 'description' area you have a text editor that allows you to add color, bold, underline etc. to your description.

You have the ability to upload up to 2-5 FREE pictures (extra photo pictures @ $0.50 per photo) with each advertisement. The 'browse' button will prompt you for the picture file location. You can also place a title alongside each picture which will appear alongside each photo in your advertisement.

After you have 'browsed' and selected all your photos (select the NO Photos button if you do not want to enter any photos with your ad), select the 'Enter Photos' button which takes you to the 'LISTING APPROVALS PAGE'.

You can at this stage either:
  • Approve the ad
  • Edit (change) the category
  • Edit the details of the ad
  • Cancel this listing altogether
If you select 'Approve' you will be taken to the 'TRANSACTIONS DETAIL PAGE'. Here you can:
  • Add extra features like bolding, better positioning, adding an attention getter pic
  • Select your payment choice
  • Enter your discount code, a code that you may have that allows you to receive a discount (usually 100%) off the total cost of the advertisement
You can select the 'Calculate total button' to work out the total cost of the advertisement as shown at the 'FINAL APPROVAL PAGE'.

If you select the 'Complete Transaction' button you will be taken to the 'CHECKOUT' section where you will be asked to fill in your credit card details or your Paypal account logon information. Topp

How much does an ad cost?
Most Ads are FREE. Lost and found advertisements are listed for FREE. All other categories and the rates for optional ad features are listed on our Pricing page.

How long do ads run for?
All ads run for 60 days.
Lost and found ads run for 120-365 days.

I don't see a sub-category that fits my listing?
You have 3 options. 1) Place the ad in the main category. 2) Place the ad in "other" category, or 3) Contact us and we may ad a category just for you! You can also post question on our support forum

Can I include a photo in my ad?
Yes. You may add up to 4 FREE photos with every advertisement.

Can I make changes to my ad or photos?
Yes. Once you log in, choose 'Active Listings' from the top menu and select the 'Edit Listing' button from the right hand column of the table that lists all your ads..

Can I renew my ad?
Yes. You will receive an email when your ad is about to expire. You may renew your ad at this time or simply let it expire.

How do I change my info or password?
Once logged in, select 'My Info' on the top of the page user menu. Then select the 'Edit my info' button.

Do I have to give you my address and phone number?
Yes. Placing an ad on www.BuySellAuctionOnline.comis essentially a sales transaction. In the unlikely event of a billing discrepancy, we must have this information to verify your identity and account.

Do you sell or share my registration info?
Absolutely Not! Your info is NEVER used for any reason other than to verify your account. You read more details on this by visiting our Privacy Policy page.

I can't remember my user name or password!
Select 'Forgot password' link from the right side of the front page menu. Alternatively select the 'Login' button and then select the ("Forgot password? No problem. Click here link.") Or you can click here. The FORGOT PASSWORD FORM PAGE will ask you to enter the email address you listed when you registered and your login and password information will be emailed to you.

How do users respond to my ad?
Once logged in, select "Messages Settings " from the MY ACCOUNT PAGE user menu. You will have several options regarding how you choose to receive and reply to responses. A link will be provided in your ad directing the user to the contact method of choice. Use this page to tell the system how you would like to communicate with other visitors of this site.

You can choose between public or private communication.

Public Communication - Expose my email address to users and communicate through email. I will also be able to view and respond through the messaging system provided if desired

Private Communication Do not expose my email address to other users of this site. If you select this setting, you will receive messages in two ways...via email and via this messaging system. You can then choose which method to reply with. If you would like to keep your email address private, simply use this messaging to reply to your buyer's inquiry. Top

How it all works

Online classified ads and auctions are no different from ads you see in newspapers and magazines or auctions you go to. Someone has something to sell and they want people to know about it. So they post a classified or auction ad where more people would see it.

In the classified advertisement format your listing is just like an ad in the newspaper. At www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com you also have the ability to enter up to 4 FREE photos and 5000 characters of text to describe the item you wish to sell.

You can print some signs and flyers to put on notice boards and in letter boxes so more people will be attracted to your advertisement.

In the auction format you are (for example listing a rare book) and inviting buyers to compete with each (by bidding just like at a live auction) for the book. You can set a minimum starting price for bidding. This means that bidders must offer a price above the starting price to have any success of becoming the winning bidder. You can also set a reserve price for the book.

You can set a buy now price where you are inviting buyers to purchase immediately at this price set by you. Obviously your buy now price will be above your reserve price. Members then bid on the book. We notify bidders when they are outbid. This allows them to offer additional higher bidding. If the auction closes above reserve, we'll email you and the highest bidder each other's details. You then contact them to arrange payment and delivery.

It's easy! You only need to register at www.BuySellAuctionOnline.comfor FREE and post your ad in an appropriate category. But that's not all! If you want your ad to get extra attention you may upgrade it by making it a Hot Classified, adding an Attention Getter, bolding or better placement. Top

Browsing the ads

Classified ads posted to www.BuySellAuctionOnline.comare organized into major categories.

The front page of the Classified Ads contains a link for each major category available on the system. When you click on a link, you are provided a list of subcategories. Click a subcategory link to enter that area of the site. You are then provided with a list of the current ads which are posted to that subcategory.

When reviewing ads, you are provided with navigational menus which will lead to various areas of the site. Each classified ad detail page will provide links the home page, the major category and the subcategory where this classified ad is posted. There is also a menu (on left area of the page) listing the major categories-- this allows you to quickly jump to a new category within the www.BuySellAuctionOnline.comweb site. You may click on the "Home" link in the top yellow rectangle navigational menu at any time to return to the opening page of the www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com Classified Ads website.

Here are several ways to browse the ads in www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com

1. Normal Browsing the ads - in this mode you just choose categories and subcategories (either from the main Classifieds page or from the list of categories from the menu on the left) and in each category you see the ads posted by the sellers. You also see the hot classifieds above all others and with larger thumbnail images.

2. Recent Ads

3. Search Ads - is very useful when you know what you are looking for. The easiest way to search through ads is to use the search box on of screen (in the orange area below the login box). You may enter a word or a few words you'd like to exist in the ads displayed to you (separate them with commas). Then choose a category you'd like to search in (or just leave it so it searches through all the ads) and click the Search button next to the box to start the search process.

If you want a more complex search say for items within a certain price range you should go to the advance search page.

Just go to Classifieds or Auctions sections of www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com and click the "Search..." link in the orange box to the left of the page. Note that this page offers different functionality for Ads and Auctions. Just select a category, wait for the page to reload, enter the words to be searched for and set the rest of the search options. If anything isn't clear just click the question mark next to it to get a pop-up help.

Here's a list of search options that can help you find specific ads meeting your search criteria entered:

  • by category - lets you choose which main categories to search
  • subcategories also - checks if you want the subcategories for the main category specified to be searched as well.
  • search for - indicates the list of words you're looking for in the ads (click question mark next to that field for detailed description on search phrases)
  • match whole words only / partial word match / search by id only - specifies whether you expect the whole keywords to be matched OR just match part of the keyword, or for an item by its 'id' number assigned when registering at www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com.
  • either auction or classified listings, or both
  • by price range - sets a minimum or/and maximum for the cost of the searched items
  • business or individual type - indicates if you prefer the sellers to be companies or individuals or "either" if you don't care about who they are
  • by suburb - selects the state where the sellers you're searching for would be located. This search box is populated with the suburbs dynamically generated from suburbs with listings listed in them. Whichever suburb appears in the dropdown is an actual suburb that a listing is located in.. If the suburb is not in the list there is no use searching for listings in that suburb. Results are returned if they match the condition of your search text statement and having this suburb or if only a suburb is chosen then every listing within that suburb is returned
When done entering your search criteria, press the "Search" button to browse the items that met your criteria. You may start a new search clearing all settings with the button at the bottom of the form. Good luck! Top

Your account settings

After logging in you'll be taken to your ACCOUNT SETTINGS PAGE. Here you may do various tasks such as editing ads, creating signs and flyers, upgrade or renew your expired items, etc. Here you can find short descriptions of the links on your ACCOUNT SETTINGS PAGE:
  • new listing - starts the process for placing a new ad
  • my active listings - lists all of your active ads (an ad is active if its period haven't expired). Here you may also:
    • upgrade your ads (adding bold titles, attention getters, better placement or making them Hot
    • edit your ad (change ad title or description, add or delete images for it - just click the edit button next to your ad)
    • delete your ad (if you think it's no longer needed just click the delete button next to your ad)
    • mark your ad as "Sold" or "Not Sold" (click the sold/not sold button next to the ad)
  • my expired listings - lists all of your ads that have expired. You may also renew them (for certain amount of time) or upgrade them.
  • my favorites - view your list of favorite ads. If you have marked several listings to recall at a later time, then they will appear here in your "favorites list". You create favorites can do so by simply clicking on the "add to favorites" link located within the display of each listing. Once saved, the listing will stay in your favorites list until the listing has been removed from the site, or you remove it from the list yourself.
  • my auto-notify settings - feature gives you a powerful and time-saving tool to keep you up-to-date on the newest ads posted to the www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com Classifieds website. Using Auto-notify Me, you predefine specific search criteria for ads which may contain the information you have specified.
  • my current bids - show what bids you have entered against auction items
  • feedback management - this is where you can review feedback left about you and leave feedback for others.
  • my account information - allow you to edit the information you have provided about yourself when you registered to www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com . This is useful when you change your address or phone number.
  • my message - this is where you can see the current messages/inquiries that you have received from other users of this site. To view and/or reply to a message click the view button. To remove a message from the list click the delete button. You can control the way in which you will receive messages through this site by accessing the Messaging Setup link below.
  • message settings - this is where you configure your communication settings. Choose the way you want to communicate with other sellers and buyers at www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com- by email or by our communication system (thus not revealing your email to other users). Note that we can't track your email communication.
  • print signs and flyers - here you can create a printable version of your ads either as tear-off flyers or as signs. Just choose the appropriate options for you and print out the page you got.
  • invited list of buyers - use this section to designate only those buyers that will have the ability to bid on your auctions. All other site visitors will not be allowed to bid on your auctions.
  • black listed buyers - use this section to designate only those buyers that will NOT have the ability to bid on your auctions. Only the users in the list below cannot place bids on your auctions. Use the invited buyers restrictions or the black-listed buyers not both at the same time as the restrictions work at cross purposes.


There is a simple registration form which we require you to fill in before you can start trading. It's easy and free.

We will send you a confirmation email to confirm your email address as part of the registration process. Click the link in the email we send you to activate your membership.

No matter if you want to buy or sell in www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com you have to register. Don't worry! We just need some information about you so we can help our users get the best out of the services we provide. Your information will be available only in this site and won't be used for spam or other illegal purposes. So to register you'll have to click on the "Register" link in the menu on the left side of your screen. You can find this link near the bottom of the page in all pages of the site as shown below.

The "Register" link also appears in the yellow menu bar on the top right side of most pages. Click here to register

From here the Registration process will guide you. Fill in the fields of the form. Only fields marked with * are required but filling in all fields give you better access to the features of our site (i.e. entering your telephone number will give your buyers or sellers the opportunity to contact you directly by phone; entering full address information will spare you time when you're asked about delivery address, etc.)

When you're done entering the information, click the "Register me now" button near the bottom of the page. If everything is entered correctly and you've accepted the terms of service you'll receive an email with registration information (containing your user name and password) and with an account activation link. Click that link and delete this email.

Note: It's not a good idea to keep information such as user names and passwords in your mailbox. Try to remember your account information and don't tell it to anybody. Also see our Security Information section for more tips on online security.

Well, that's it! Your www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com account is activated. You should receive a second email confirming that.

If haven't received a confirmation email you need to check your junk mail settings aren't blocking our emails. Our emails come from admin@BuySellAuctionOnline.com; you need to add this to your address book. Toppppp

Problems logging in

There are several possible reasons why you may not be able to login to www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com :

Wrong email / password ord
If you enter the wrong email address and password combination you will see a message telling you that your entry was incorrect. If you cannot remember the password, you can request that a Password reminder be sent to your email.

Your membership is not enabled
You may need to click on the link in the confirmation email we send to activate your membership. Sometimes our emails are blocked by junk mail settings on your email account. Please ensure your junk mail settings will allow our emails to get through to you. Our emails come from admin@BuySellAuctionOnline.com; you need to add this to your address book.

Your cookies are not enabled led
If you do not have cookies enabled in your internet browser, you may not be able to login or use the site correctly. A cookie is a small file that gets stored on your computer and enables you log in. Cookie options are controlled in your browser preferences which vary depending on which browser you use. Cookies can also be affected if you are behind a firewall that prevents cookie information being sent through, or you are using browsing acceleration software, as this sometimes removes the cookie data. Top

About Auctions

The auction-style listing is one of two selling formats on www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com . It is based on the traditional auction format, where sellers put items up for sale to the highest bidder.

Every auction on this site will either be a "standard auction" or a "Dutch auction". ot;.

When the seller only has one item to list in the auction, it will be a "standard auction".

Typically, when the seller has two or more of an identical item, it will be a "Dutch auction".

In www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com , there can be a number of variations and options for auction-style listings including:
  • Reserve Price Auction
  • Private Auction
  • Standards versus Dutch Auctions
  • Buy it Now
1. Reserve Price

Some auction-style listings have a reserve price, which is a hidden minimum price, for a particular item.

A reserve price is the minimum price a seller is willing to accept for this item.

As a buyer, you will not be able to see the reserve price. You will only receive messages or notices on whether or not the reserve has been met. The seller is not obligated to sell the item if the reserve price is not met. The winning bidder must meet or exceed the reserve price and be the highest bid.

When there is a reserved price, you bid as usual. You enter the maximum amount you're willing to pay for the item. Watch the label next to the current price to see whether the reserve price has been met. Until you see that the reserve price has been met, there have been no successful bids in the auction. Once the reserve has been met, the item will sell to the highest bidder when the auction closes.

If your maximum bid is the first to meet or exceed the reserve price, the effective bid displayed will automatically be raised to the reserve price. Top

2. Private auction

When a seller creates a auction listing, they have in their ACCOUNT SETTING PAGE, the ability to invite a private list of bidders for this auction item. The seller can designate only those buyers that will have the ability to bid on this auction. All other site visitors will not be allowed to bid on your auctions.

3. Standard versus Dutch auctions


In a standard auction all bidders bid against each other, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction is the winner of the item, assuming the winning bid has surpassed the "reserve amount" as specified by the seller when the seller listed the auction. In a standard auction there is only ONE winning bidder.


In a Dutch auction the seller is offering two or more of an identical item for auction. Unlike a standard auction, a Dutch auction MAY HAVE MORE THAN ONE winning bidder.

Each bidder bids on either all, or a desired number of the auction items, and indicates the price that he/she is willing to pay for each of item. At the end of the auction, all winning bidders will pay the same price for each of their items, which is the lowest qualifying (successful) bid. If there are more successful bids than items available, priority goes to the bidders who submitted their bids first.

In order to beat another bidder, a bid must simply have a higher total bid price per item than the other bids, regardless on the number of items that are being bid on.

Here is an example of how this might work:

The seller listed a Dutch auction with 5 identical items.

> Bidder "A" placed a bid for 2 items at $20 each.

> Bidder "B" placed a bid for 4 items at $21 each.

The outcome of this auction would be:

> Bidder "B" wins 4 items at $20 each

> Bidder "A" wins 1 item at $20 each

The $20 price is because the lowest successful bid was $20. The total items were awarded based upon Bidder B's willingness to bid a higher dollar amount than Bidder A.

Since Bidder "A" was only awarded "1" item, and his original bid was for "2" items, he has the right to refuse the purchase of that partial order.

So, as a winning bidder, you have the right to refuse paying if you are only awarded a partial number of the items you were bidding on.

4. Buying with Buy It Now

Buy It Now is the simplest way to buy on
www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com . It allows you to buy an item when you want it, at a known set price. When you see the icon next to a listing, or see a Buy It Now price listed on an item page, the seller gives you the opportunity to purchase the item right away without waiting for an online auction to end.

You can choose to place a bid and compete in the online auction or use Buy It Now to purchase the item immediately. When it's part of an auction-style listing, the Buy It Now option is only shown on listings until an item receives its first bid. For a Reserve Price Auction, the Buy It Now option is shown until the reserve is met. This means that when you see that an item has both a Buy It Now price and a first bid price listed, you will need to act quickly!
Top >Top

Selling & Pricing
  • Selling Tips
  • Signs & Flyers
  • Listing fees
Selling tips

Ad Placement:
When you place an ad, always take your time to select the most appropriate category. For example, a Home for sale should be placed in the homes category, rather than a general Real Estate category.

A Good Description:
Take the time to construct a well written advertisement. You may utilize 4,000 characters of text for the description. Keep in mind, your advertisement will make your first impression.

Clear Title and Description:
Most people will search to find advertising related to what they are seeking. For this reason, make sure your advertisements Title and Description are clear and concise. For example, if you are selling a car online, it may be a good idea to have the year, make, and model as the title. On the other hand, Real Estate listings should always have the address for a title. These are the terms most people will use when searching.

Add Features:
Feature your ad, add Bolding, Attention Getters and more. These extra features are a small fee but increase sales dramatically!

Competitive Pricing:
Pricing is a key factor when selling. Find similar items or properties for sale within your region. Buyers browsing the site will be comparing your advertisement to others.

Prompt communication is vital to making a sale. Configure your online communications in a manner that is appropriate.

Use Photos:
If applicable, include photos within your advertisements. Photos will help ensure a professional image and provide advertisement logo branding.

Conventional Advertising:
Although the Internet provides a large source of exposure, conventional advertising methods will not hurt. If possible, place viewable signs and flyers to the public, or inform friends and family about your advertisements. With each classified ad, there is a pre configured signs and flyers builder to make conventional advertising easier. Top

Signs and flyers

The Signs and Flyers feature of our online classifieds is the perfect marketing tool that we provide FREE of charge to our advertisers.

After placing an ad on our network, simply access your personal, password-protected account. Then click the "print signs and flyers" link from the right menu. You will be shown a listing with all of your active ads. Simply choose "Build Sign" or "Build Flyer" for the desired classified ads. Our system will dynamically populate the appropriate fields and create a printable document for you to post or hand out wherever you would like. You will also be given the opportunity to change the entries of certain items so that they display exactly what you want on the sign or flyer.

Flyers are excellent for getting additional exposure from super markets, convenience stores, or anywhere you may find a public bulletin board. Flyers will print out with two columns of "tear off tabs" on both sides of the page. The main body of the page will contain all the information about your sale. Each tab provides buyers with the items classified advertisement number, and the sellers email or other details the seller wishes to publish.

Signs make fantastic window stickers for your Automobiles for sale, Brochures for Real Estate boxes, or general display anywhere you can find to post them. Top

Listing fees

All advertisements are FREE Standards ads and enjoy the following benefits:
  • Up to 4 free photos with each advertisement
  • You an enter up to 4000 characters of text to describe your ad
  • All advertisements run for 60 days
  • Lost and found ads will always be listed for FREE & run for 120 days
You can also add extra features to your ad like Bolding , better placement & feature at top of lists.

The pricing page provides details regarding total cost for listing both classified and auction advertisements. Top

Bidding & Buying


Only registered members of www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com can place bids.

www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com uses an automatic bidding system to make bidding on auctions more convenient and less time-consuming for buyers. There is nothing you have to set up in order to bid in this way. When you bid on an auction style listing you will be placing bids using this method.

Here's how bidding on Australian Bargain's works:
  • When you place a bid, you enter the maximum amount you'd be willing to pay for the item. Your maximum amount is kept confidential from other bidders and the seller.
  • Our system will bid incrementally on your behalf up to the maximum bid you enter
  • Once you submit your maximum bid you will not be able to change (raise) your bid on a auction until you have been outbid by another bidder
  • Our www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com system compares your bid to those of the other bidders
The system places bids on your behalf, using only as much of your bid as is necessary to maintain your high bid position (or to meet the reserve price). The system will bid up to your maximum amount. unt.

If another bidder has a higher maximum, you'll be outbid. BUT, if no other bidder has a higher maximum, you win the item. And you could pay significantly less than your maximum price! This means you don't have to keep coming back to re-bid every time another bid is placed.

Your bid must be equal to the start price or the minimum next bid amount for the auction.

If the reserve price for an item has been met, the item will sell to the highest bidder when the auction finishes. If you are outbid you will be sent an email informing you that you have been outbid.

If you are the highest bidder at the close of the auction, and the auction has met the reserve price, you are the winner! The reserve price is the lowest price the seller is willing to sell their item for.

www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com will send you and the seller automated emails notifying you of the final results of the auction. It is then up to you and the seller to make contact and arrange the payment/shipping details.

Our auto bidding feature allows the program to automatically place bids up to an amount designated by the user...absentee bidding. This is also called proxy bidding, a feature that allows the program to automatically place bids up to an amount designated by the user...absentee bidding.

What this means is that the software is expecting the person placing the bid to place a maximum amount willing to pay for the item up for auction. The software then accepts this bid and automatically bids against any other users and their bids until the user with the highest bid remains. Below is an example which hopefully will illustrate a bidding scenario.

Bid setup in the admin:

- Bid increments are set to $1

An example auction:
- Starting bid is $5.00
- Reserve price is $20.00


- User A bids a proxy of $30.00

- Current bid is then set to $20.00 and minimum next bid is $21.00. NOTE: The current bid is $20.00 and not $5.00 because the reserve price is $20.00. If there was no reserve price the current bid would be $5.00 and the minimum bid $6.00.

Also if the User A bid was less than the $20.00 reserve price the current bid would be that bid and the minimum bid would be that bid plus $1. Example: User A bids $15.00. The current bid becomes $15.00 and the minimum next bid becomes $16.00 but the reserve price is not met.

- User B bids $50.00 after User A bids. The current bid becomes $31.00 and the minimum next bid becomes $32.00. NOTES: The software automatically applies the bids for each user and continues until one loses.

- User C then bids $55.50. The current bid becomes $51.00 and the minimum bid becomes $52.00.

- User D then bids $60.00. The current bid becomes $56.50 and the minimum bid becomes $57.50. NOTE: The software accepts the bids in the amount submitted and then applies the bid increment to that amount.

- All users are notified of this process as it is occurring so that they can re-submit a bid if they are outbid.



After you find something you like and want to buy you'll only have to contact the seller. Open the ad for the item you want to buy. Select the "contact the seller" link and in the contact form enter the message you want to send to the seller.

If the seller has provided his email address you may directly contact him by email. Note that www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com can not track email communication between sellers and buyers. Another way of contacting the seller is if he has provided his phone number. Not much to say here - just talk to your guy and get your stuff!

Top Top

www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com policies are rules and guidelines that create a safe and fair trading environment for all www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com members. Learning about our policies will help you avoid breaking rules (including the law) and aid you in trading with reliable, trustworthy buyers and sellers. The most important guidelines and policies are Our terms and conditions ions , Privacy statement and our Feedback policy and operation.

The terms and conditions is your most important document. Please read is so you have an understanding of how www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com operates. We created the privacy statement in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. This document discloses our information gathering and usage practices.

Feedback policy and operations

We also have a feedback sysyem and its operation and our policy are explained below.

The feedack rating system allows the winning bidder and seller to rate each other on how well the seller represented and delivered his/her product, and the timliness of the buyer's payment. At the conclusion of the auction, the winning bidder and seller can log in to their personal admin page, and provide feedback on the transaction, by rating the transaction as either 1 point for positive tive , -1 point for negative or zero (0)neutral .

Points are automatically totaled and a star icon will appear next to the seller's username indicating their status as a user of the site. A different color star will appear each time the seller passes to a different feedback rating level. www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com does not arbitrate in feedback.

Although certain exceptional circumstances will result in feedback being removed - feedback will remain a permanent part of your www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com record. You can be held legally responsible for damages to the trader's reputation under Australian law. So keep your feedback factual. We will only remove feedback where it breaches our terms and conditions of feedback.

Feedback that is over 30 days old will not be reviewed by www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com .

Feedback will be edited or removed if:
  • It contains swear words or vulgarities *
  • It contains defamatory statements as to the character of the individual *
  • It contains the trader's contact details, phone number, surname, email address or other means to individually identify the trader
  • The trader placing feedback has been permanently removed from www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com for misbehaving
  • The feedback refers to any ongoing investigation by www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com ,the police, or any other authorised party
  • www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com is ordered by a valid court order to remove feedback
*www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com reserves the right to determine what is considered swear words, vulgarities or defamatory statements

In addition to leaving a feedback rating, the the winning bidder and seller can also leave a comment regarding the transaction. All comments are viewable by all site users. The feedback rating is intended to help future buyers and sellers feel confident in conducting business with a particular user. Top


As a registered member of www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com you can use the personal messaging system that logs messages from other users. This allows for public & private messaging. The user has two options to communicate with other users.

Public Communication exposes the user's email address to other users and opens communications to emails.

Completely Private Communication allows the users to communicate with each other through the www.BuySellAuctionOnline.com messaging system, but not through email. Users will login to receive and reply to all communications.

Please note that we can't track your email communication.

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